Prohibition of Insider Trading

Velox - Compliance, is a mobile & web-enabled workflow solution for managing Employees’ Investments and Holdings, to ensure compliance as per SEBI‘s Insider Trading Regulations.

What if you had?

Complete visibility over Request & Reporting

Automated trade request approvals/rejections based on preset rules

Manage 'UPSI' and be compliant

Automatic reminders for periodic submissions

Easy access to employee profile, request, reporting and defaulter list

Stay on top by automating your processes
with an eye to mitigate risks.

Quick Facts

30+ installations with over 15,000+ users

8 Large Mutual Funds

2 Life Insurance Companies

10 Broking Houses

3 Merchant Banks

2 Advisory Firms


  • For Employee
  • For Compliance Team
  • Workflow
  • Grey List & Restricted Scrip
  • UPSI Management
  • Alerts & Notifications

Self Declarations

Initial holding uploads

Dependent declarations

Automated and assisted submissions

Submission calendar

Monitor and approve transactions

Control defaulter transactions

Define blackout periods

Define category-based approval workflow

Define submission policies

Enable automatic and manual approvals

Automated grey list integration

Manual setup of restricted & intention list

Declare UPSI disclosure

Auto restrict UPSI security

UPSI Annexure submission

Define system driven alerts

Approval notifications

Policy updates via email


For Compliance

Policy Setup

Annexure Setup

Check Request Inbox

Access Employee Details


Ensure Compliance

For Employee

Self Declaration

Declare Dependants

Initial Holdings



Submit Periodic Annexures

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