INFOMATICS is now ISO 27001:2013 Certified.


Data Insights, Cashflow Payment Reconciliation, SEBI Compliance & Customer Engagement Solutions

Trusted by 50+ leading BFSI companies Managing daily transactions worth  ₹ 2 Billion+ 

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are a specialised complex data company.
specialise in integrating complex, diverse and data sources.
deliver real time actionable insights through industry leading solutions.
WE do this with the use of cloud adaptive technologies.

Our Solutions were always in use by a cross section of teams spanning- Operations & Customer Service Teams, Fund Managers, Treasury Desks, Finance teams, Risk and Compliance teams.  Our new offerings encompassed within INFOVERSE now will appeal to Sales, Marketing and Digital teams.

Mission Critical Solutions

Trillium Cash

Real-Time Cash Management & Reconciliation

The undisputed leader in collection reconciliation in the hypercompetitive funds' management industry. It helps fund managers integrate and reconcile feeds from diverse applications viz Bloomberg, bank statements, registrar and live collection & application data to provide real-time structured reporting and analytics.

Trillium ETF

Accurate Tracking of ETF subscriptions and Redemptions

The only Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) solution in the market that helps mutual fund managers track and manage the entire sequence of events from deciding the cash component, monitoring investor inflows to calculation of the technical NAV when it comes to ETF management.

NOVUS Compliance PIT

Manage Compliance & Risk Stress-Free

Velox PIT is widely used in complex environments of wealth management and asset management in matters of employee trading in restricted securities. In such industries, the list of securities can be very large and dynamic.

NOVUS Compliance UPSI

Centralised Platform for SEBI UPSI Declaration and Submission

A ready to use, highly secure and self-service solution that serves as a centralised platform for UPSI declaration & submission. It integrates with external systems & mail server for auto capturing of UPSI.


Automate Transactions & Payments Processes in Logistics

iLogis is an industry-specific logistics solution that provides end-to-end workflow capabilities.  It increases agility and maximises productivity by providing visibility and transparency of entire supply chain process.

Medulla Risk Management Platform

Revolutionise Your Risk Management

Medulla Risk Management Software is the comprehensive risk management solution designed to meet the requirements of the SEBI 2021 circular on Risk Management Software. With our platform, you can identify, prioritise, analyse, monitor, and review risks with ease.


The Future of Customer Engagement - Personalisation

Helps companies in effective engagement of their customers by creating personalised interfaces like websites and apps. We work closely with our creative and marketing. partners in creating digital assets like websites, portals, and apps that are not just visually appealing but also highly personalised. Thus offering customers a peek of "What next?" rather than just what they already know.

What our
Clients Say

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What makes
Infomatics Powerful

30+ years of Rich Experience

Our legacy of providing and managing cash management services to large MNC banks & other BFSI institutions.
Experienced Team members with deep understanding of the domain. Multiple mission critical software solution implementations across various top industry leading companies.

Decision Advantage Empowering Organisations

Specialised expertise of the team makes the problem understanding easier. Specially crafted technology framework used for delivering customised solutions

Delivering Future
Of Personalisation

We understand the needs of the customer’s end customers. Our solutions enable our customers to take advantage of the dynamic changes and enable them to scale their business

Multi-Layered Security, Data Privacy  & Committed to Regulatory Compliance

State of the art solution framework with embedded security & data encryption features. Trusted by 30+ companies for more than a decade


Are you a woman looking at re-joining the workforce?

We are looking for women looking to jumpstart their careers after a break in service. We are looking at recruiting talented women for multiple positions in the areas of Business Development, Business analyst and Software development.

The only requirement …the hunger and deep desire to surprise yourself with your undiscovered potential.

About Infomatics: Infomatics is a 3-decade-old technology company founded by Surekha Khirwadkar a progressive who strongly believes in women's empowerment and gender equality. We have nurtured over 50 reputed customers across the BFSI and Logistics industries.

To meet our rapidly evolving customer needs Infomatics is now entering an exciting phase by partnering with exciting companies in the areas of Risk, Compliance and Customer Engagement.

Functional Area

Sales/Business Development/Client Servicing, Business Analyst and Software development

Work experience:

2-10 Years

What’s in it for you?

For starters, imagine working on the needs of leading financial services brands like HDFC, BNP Paribas, SBI, ICICI and many others. Call it “accelerated learning”. Infomatics provides solutions to help manage cash management, risk management, and services to large MNC banks & other BFSI institutions. It has accomplished multiple mission-critical software solution implementations across various top industry-leading companies.


Competitive, fixed and industry-leading incentives.

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Make us your Digital Transformation partners. For decades we don't offer just DIY products but customised solutions that has helped companies leverage their existing ecosystems better.

Call us today and let us be your extended arm in your digitalization endeavors be it operations, compliance or even customer engagement.

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