Trillium, Velox, iLogis & Reflecs


Infomatics Trillium® is a solution suite for banking visibility, automated reconciliation, and managing investments & borrowings by seamless integration with multiple systems, to provide cash-flow analysis in real-time.


Infomatics Velox® - Compliance, is a mobile & web-enabled workflow solution for managing Employees’ Investments and Holdings, to ensure compliance with SEBI's Prohibition of Insider Trading Regulations, 2015.


Infomatics iLogis® is an end-to-end Integrated workflow based Enterprise Solution to manage Sales, Operations, Stock & Inventory and Accounting processes for Asset and Non-Asset based Logistics & Shipping Companies.


Infomatics Reflecs® ​​is used by organisations to create template-based structured reports by assimilating data from various data sources and publishing it for the relevant stakeholders, on a periodic basis.