Life at Infomatics

How we adapted to serve our Customers during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our story of being in the game during the crises.

Co-written: Avinash Das & Nikhil Deshpande
Design: Parag Mahajan

customer service during pandemic

“Tough times don’t last, but tough people do”. However cliched this phrase may sound, it is during these situations that people with strong shared values move swiftly to adapt, collaborate & deliver, thus emerging stronger to reinforce that elated feeling of “been there, done that”. During this COVID-19 pandemic, companies that understood well; that we all are in it for the long haul have led with empathy and have genuinely addressed the well-being of their co-workers that has in turn led to sustained relationships with their customers. With the business environment poised to be eased cautiously, the earlier “good old days” are still at a distance.

Today after a business quarter gone by, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank our people and our customers who believed that Infomatics will always deliver on their commitments. This is our story of being in the game and how we continue to strive in it.

Please take some time to read on how we helped each other and have kept our motivations alive during these trying times and are now emerging well to face any forthcoming challenges that may well be. We adapted to face the unknown.

Safety First, Safeguard our people

customer service during pandemic

Late in February, when we had an inkling that the lockdown would be a reality, we took any early decision to move our operations to the now “Work-from-Home” norm. Safety First, was our motto. However, during the initial days before the official complete lockdown was announced, these magnificent seven kept the office machinery working, so all of us could serve our customers with minimal downtime in our services. Today, we are now in a position to work well remotely, but do miss on the social interactions we once enjoyed in the physical world.

Managing Stress, in the new norm

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To many of us, after the initial euphoria of work-from-home settled down, the stress owing to diminished physical interactions started to creep in. Our operations team could not lower their guard since many of our customers (on essential services delivery) relied on our software solutions to support their work.

The leadership and their line managers upped the ante in keeping their teams motivated. Communications, more personal in nature came to the forefront. How to approach this new norm, was a question many would grapple. Thankfully, each leader did his/her best in easing this pressure. However, we are still in a Work-in-Progress mode to understand and build the change in our culture to suit the ever changing situations. By now, we all have accepted and adapted to live with this reality.

To ease their stress, many were also encouraged to take time off from their delivery pressures and dedicate time to reskill themselves (both soft & hard), which we all believed will hold us in good stead in adapting to changes in technologies & communications that will be needed by our customers.

Our Superheroes without capes

our superheroes - without capes

The sum of our parts makes us our complete whole. Without our superheroes we couldn't have achieved much during these times of extreme. Each of us have our own stories on how we navigated and tried to maintain a degree of sanity in keeping our heads up & above the water. Unfortunately, we could not capture the images of all our superheroes. Few were camera shy and preferred to be in hiding and let their work speak for themselves. This post is also our sincere tribute to our team and to their supportive families. Well done, all of us!

Communications With Everyone

  • To our Customers

    Our customers were always kept updated and well informed by our dedicated Account Managers of any changes or a delay in our service levels, since we were still adapting to this norm, initially. Besides work, there was a personal touch too with all of them. Thankfully, every customer had the empathy and we moved together to tackle situations.

  • To our People

    By maintaining optimal conditions for remote working and by setting clear & achievable goals and expectations, we created small groups of teams with a dedicated leader who would communicate the thoughts of the company leadership effectively. Since speaking to one another was very essential besides the track of day-to-day assigned activities. The leadership too would have a one-on-one communication to the last person in the chain, regularly. This helped in keeping the motivations high.

    Communication with your people

    Social media was also used well to communicate both within and outside on the activities and initiatives that we undertook. Feedbacks by our customers helped us with an opportunity to improve on certain areas.

    We also conducted Weekly Training on various subjects and was an excellent opportunity for any one well versed on that subject to be trainer for that week. Talents during this period came to the forefront well !

Collaborative Tools, Here to Stay

Who would have known a quarter ago that online collaborative tools will completely take over our lives? We all have now adapted to be in touch, provide complete support and demonstrated our products in this seemingly virtual world. However challenging it seemed at first, a change from the traditional warmth associated with an in-person meeting in solving problems or showcasing our solutions virtually has now become a part of our work culture. Virtually Present, but Physically Absent is now acceptable! Perhaps, an opportunity lurks for all to grow and do business without “restrictions” in this norm.

Customers - For why we exist

The best of this post we have saved for the last. Our customers, without whom we wouldn't have existed, in the first place. Trust they say, is built over years of relying on each other. They trusted, believed and have stayed with us. We are glad that a majority of our customers have been resilient with their business and have been told that with the easing of the business environment many are bouncing back, though not in full throttle. We thank you all profusely for keeping the faith in supporting us during those months and we continue to bank on each other for years to come.

Final Thoughts

The COVID-19 crisis had put many businesses including ours in extremely challenging situations. Offices were shut, meetings were cancelled or postponed, commitments to meet deadlines were sometimes difficult to fulfill and with many other woes that were unimaginable to us. All we had was our collective belief and the trust in our people that we can manage to tide through the initial setback on how to function as a business. Like many others, we tried & tested everything possible to maintain an uninterrupted workforce keeping in mind, that this too will pass. We remained resilient.

Until then, stay safe.